Best Diet and Fitness Advice For 2016: Reader Favorites


The best diet and fitness advice for 2016 I can offer is based on a few of my top diet and fitness posts of 2015. As a fitness lover and girl with a taste for clean eating, I love to try out new fitness trends and stay on top of the latest diet and fitness research.

I’m a firm believer that basic healthy habits are the key to lifelong health and fitness, and that once those habits are in place it’s okay to try experimenting with new things. I also like to share my opinion on whether new fads are effective, and how I think they might work in my own daily life. This is in hopes that it might help you figure out what works best for you too!

Here is my best diet and fitness advice for 2016 based on my top diet and fitness posts:

1. Strength training for weight loss?

In Barre vs. Weight Lifting – Which One Is More Effective For Weight Loss? I share my experience with swapping out high intensity weight training for lower impact activities, as well as before and after photos associated with both types of training.

Why read it? This might get you over your fear of weight training once and for all!

2. The best way to track fitness and weight loss progress:

Gaining muscle creates a sleek appearance, and workouts that build muscle often involve activities that burn fat. The result is a tighter body, but muscle weighs more than fat. Relying too heavily on the scale can cause freak-outs and derail progress, leading to a downward spiral into excessive cardio and lack of visual result. Enter, Ditch The Scale: Why Photos Are More Effective For Tracking Fitness & Weightloss!

Why read it? Get inspired to track your progress in a new way, and fear not muscle! P.S. MyFitnessPal now allows you to attach photos in-app to progress updates!

3. Bye bye bloating: the only scientifically proven way to decrease belly bloat

Chamomile tea, veggies, more water – oh my! I read so many articles that dole out advice on how to prevent bloating, many of which recommend foods that are actually proven to cause it. As a life long belly-acher Flat Belly Myths Debunked + Life Changing FODMAP Diet is my bible in times of need.

Why read it? Learn about which foods are proven to swell up your digestive tract and cause bloating.

4. Vicious cycle: over-training and bingeing

We live in a world of contradictions: high intensity workouts versus fattening foodie eats, and tight workout clothes versus calorie-laden speakeasy cocktails. Put them all together and you might be tempted to push too hard, which could lead you to be Working Out and Not Seeing Results… Overtraining Can Stall Fitness and Weight-loss!

Why read it? Exercise, like most things, is most effective in balanced doses.

The best diet and fitness advice, from a friend:

My friend Megan over at Skinny Fitalicious lost 80 pounds through sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, and has managed to stay fit through some nasty injuries and set backs. Megan is also an expert at creating delicious low calorie recipes, and her blog is on my weekly must-read list.

She’s written an e-book, “Ditch the Diet” that I recommend it to anyone who needs a reminder that being fit for life is not about deprivation, but rather self care and making lasting changes. It’s a quick read and available in PDF for only $3.98 here, with this discount code for 50% off: HHVS7IIFS8.

What was your favorite fitness post of 2015?

XO Jill

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10 thoughts on “Best Diet and Fitness Advice For 2016: Reader Favorites

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Jenessa! You’ll definitely achieve your health goals this year! Cheers to a healthier 2016 🙂

  1. Hi there Jill, nice tips there. I enjoyed reading through them and grasped something that I believe will help me.. I have a resolution to get a leaner body which I hope to achieve by being a little strict on my diet and doing my routine functional fitness. Thanks a lot for the share.

    • Cindy – I’m so glad you found them helpful. It’s all about listening to your body so you can make sustainable changes. Good luck with your resolution!!

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