Le Tote: Rent Your Fashion With An On-Demand Wardrobe

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Living in the land of start-ups often means that I get first-access to a ton of disruptive new businesses. With my full time job, full load of side projects, and penchant for over booking myself, my favorite services allow me to save time with on-demand delivery straight to my door. This isn’t just for groceries (Instacart), late night cookie cravings (Doughbies), or last minute booze (Saucey) – it’s for everything, including my wardrobe. Queue Le Tote – the subscription, “on-demand” wardrobe service for clothing, accessories, handbags, and jewelry.

Le Tote delivers new styles straight to your door for one flat monthly fee, that you can return for new pieces as often as you like. They carry awesome brands like FCUK (one of my fave brands for dresses), BCBG, Rebecca Minkoff, Lucky Brand and more and do all the dry-cleaning for you – no cooties, just cute, clean fashion.

How Le Tote Works:

All you have to do is sign in at LeTote.com, answer a quick survey about your personal style, and Le Tote will recommend styles for you. You can tailor the choices to get exactly what you want, or go with the recommended items. You’ll receive your tote in a couple of business days. Just wear, repeat, repackage, and send back (free shipping!) for a new tote, as many times per month as you like. No dry cleaning necessary.


If you like an item, keep it – you can buy your favorite pieces for discounted prices.


$59/month, cancel any time – sign up before August 20, 2016 and get 20% off with code CHAMPAGNE!

Event better: try a tote for free when you sign up here before Weds July 13.

My First Le Tote Box:

I customized my first Le Tote box to be a mix of work wear, casual, and fun. I wanted to include a few things that I might not normally splurge on for myself. Check them out below:

The Office Appropriate Look

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20160621 Jill - Gold St SF-1007321


Dress – c/o Le Tote // Clutch – c/o Le Tote // Flats -Ferragamo

This comfy shirt dress is office appropriate with an A-line bottom and tie-waist that also make for a comfortable fit. The fabric is light and slightly stretchy, and jewel tones work well with my pale complexion, so I snapped it up in this dark teal color. A fan of geometric prints, this checkered clutch caught my eye – I’d wear it with an LBD for a night out, but loved it’s contrast with the dress for this shoot.

The “Something I’d Never Buy” Look

20160621 Jill - Gold St SF-1007582

20160621 Jill - Gold St SF-1007568

20160621 Jill - Gold St SF-1007546

20160621 Jill - Gold St SF-1007544

Shorts – c/o Le Tote // Top – J.Crew // Shoes – Soludos // Necklace – c/o Le Tote

PC: Michael Moore

I loved these crazy tropical shorts and chunky gold chain the moment I laid eyes on them, but I would never have bought them if I was out shopping. My style is so classic/basic that it takes a lot for me to veer away from buying pieces that are easy to mix and match with anything. That’s the beauty of subscription fashion from Le Tote though – no wasted money, and no commitment!

I’ll be sharing my upcoming Totes on Instagram – check it out @jill_champagne.for.everyday.

XO Jill

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