San Francisco Yoga Studio – Love Story Yoga + Lululemon


Have you ever dreamed of becoming both a female entrepreneur and an amazing yogi at the same time, with the power to change the world for the better? I know, me too. Get excited, because Love Story Yoga embodies all of the above.


The concept for Love Story Yoga created by Stephanie Snyder (and her business partner David Acker), a yogi with over 20 years of experience and a strong belief that each of us can play a role in bettering our world, even if it’s just through small actions (amen to that!). Stephanie is also part of an elite group of Lululemon Global Yoga Ambassadors, of which there are only eight in the world. She advises Lululemon on product design and the latest trends in the yoga sphere, and connects with yoga and meditation professionals from around the globe to share ideas and collaborate.

After attending the Love Story Yoga grand opening event in this beautiful space and meeting many of the teachers, I took my first class with a friend and fellow fitness blogger (Caity, of Moicontrelavie) and a couple of the lovely gals from the Lululemon team (Alli and Meghan). Sporting my Love Story Yoga Lululemon top and BKR waterbottle, I probably looked a lot more experienced than I felt.

The studio is situated in a vast, minimalist space in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district on Valencia St., featuring a calming color scheme and plenty of blonde wood. The feeling as you enter the studio is inviting and warm, like a hug from an old friend.

The room was a lovely warm temperature; perfect for coaxing my stiff limbs through Vinyasas, but not so hot that I became a waterlogged mess (as I do in hot yoga). The sequences in this all-levels Vinyasa Flow class were challenging, but the pace was reasonable. Our instructor had an even, soothing voice and encouraged us to focus on mind-body connection. This is also the first time I have chanted at the end of a yoga class. At first I was a little hesitant, but I enjoyed it and found it to be very stress relieving!

Overall, Love Story Yoga is welcoming and accessible to all levels of practice. The class delivered the important aspects of yoga (a bit of a workout, calming the mind, connecting with your body and others in class) without any distracting frills. I tend to focus on high intensity activities like bootcamp, spin, and weight training, so I need to feel physically and mentally engaged to enjoy yoga. I also loved practicing with people who believe that yoga can help one find their purpose. If I can support a yoga studio that actively encourages accountability and actions that promote love and light, sign me up sister!

A big thank you to the Lululemon team and to Caitlin Hannan for photos!

XO Jill

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