Paperless Post – Save Time, Trees, and Prevent *Oh Bleep* Moments in the Greeting Card Aisle

I love receiving greeting cards but I feel really guilty when I recycle them, like I’m throwing out of all the senders well wishes. I also tend to forget to buy them in time and often find myself standing in the greeting card aisle at Walgreen’s while running late for a birthday dinner. Using Paperless Post has been a serious time saver for me. I once tried to Amazon Prime Now a greeting card – true story.

At first I was skeptical that Paperless Post would be an acceptable alternative to actually sending a card, but once I saw the quality of the e-cards, I changed my mind. Beautiful greeting cards and invitations are just a click away, making it no longer necessary to pay attention to your calendar far enough in advance to actually go buy them.

I also love the ability to customize the print inside the envelope, as well as the message on the front of the card and the background.

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