Health & Fitness Roundup: The Latest In Chest Wrinkles, Clean Food Delivery, Superfoods, Calorie Burning Saunas, All You Can Read Magazine Apps & More!


The holiday season is officially here, and so is that annual struggle to keep it tight. With an endless flow of stuffing, cocktails, and pumpkin everything, the struggle is definitely real. Thankfully, I’ve been sampling a few hot new items in the world of health and fitness this month and it’s helped to keep me out of trouble!

With the carefully portioned, month’s worth of clean food delivery from Fitzee Foods, and the super food snacks and baking ingredients from Navitas Naturals, there is no way I can justify a whole month of “dirty” eating. As icing on the cake, I had the chance to experience a “calorie burning” infrared sauna with SenSpa (too good to be true?), and the Zinio app is keeping me entertained through my boring elliptical sessions on low intensity training days.

Bonus: A wrinkle remover for the chest! Yes, that’s right, a between the boob de-creasifier (not a word). Read on!

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