Le Tote: Rent Your Fashion With An On-Demand Wardrobe

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Living in the land of start-ups often means that I get first-access to a ton of disruptive new businesses. With my full time job, full load of side projects, and penchant for over booking myself, my favorite services allow me to save time with on-demand delivery straight to my door. This isn’t just for groceries (Instacart), late night cookie cravings (Doughbies), or last minute booze (Saucey) – it’s for everything, including my wardrobe. Queue Le Tote – the subscription, “on-demand” wardrobe service for clothing, accessories, handbags, and jewelry.

Le Tote delivers new styles straight to your door for one flat monthly fee, that you can return for new pieces as often as you like. They carry awesome brands like FCUK (one of my fave brands for dresses), BCBG, Rebecca Minkoff, Lucky Brand and more and do all the dry-cleaning for you – no cooties, just cute, clean fashion.

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