Back with Betabrand: Dress Pant Yoga Pant + The Comfiest Hoodie

Betabrand is the ultimate Silicon Valley-esque fashion company, with crowd sourced designs that are often crowd funded into existence. Have you ever imagined the perfect wardrobe item, and spent the day hunting for it in the mall or online with no luck? That’s precisely the problem that the creative Betabrand designers have set out to solve. From innovative travel wear that can be worn multiple ways, to sneaky yoga pants that you can wear to work, Betabrand has done it.  The Dress Pant Yoga Pant is definitely one of my favorites; who doesn’t love a well-disguised stretchy waistband after a big client dinner or a weekend in Napa?

I’ve dressed up the Boot Cut Dress Pant Yoga Pant in an office appropriate fashion before, to show you how hard it is to tell that they’re actually stretch pants and super comfortable. In this post, I’m wearing the Dress Pant Yoga Pant Riding Pants, which have a more relaxed wide-leg profile, or can be snapped together at the bottom to prevent dragging when you change into flats. With a strategically placed gold zipper, this style flatters the figure and can easily transition to a dressier look.

I’m loving their new Cowl Neck Tunic that doubles as a hoodie too. The weather has been uncharacteristically cold given that we’re on the brink of Spring in San Francisco, and with this sweater I can ditch my scarf and hat. Just cinch up the ties, pop on the hood and you’re good to go! Not to mention that this “abstract herringbone” print is super cute. I’ll be wearing this one too and from workouts, and on casual days.

I’m also very excited that Betabrand is now crowdfunding shoes, particularly comfortable ballet flats designed specifically to be worn without socks. I walk everywhere around the city, and I had to trade my dressier footwear for Nike’s because I just haven’t been able to find a ballet flat that can support my mileage. I’ll bet you these will be a smash hit!



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