3 Budget Friendly Hacks For Great Teeth

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Floss, brush, checkup, repeat. That was my dental care routine for a long time, until I cracked a tooth trying to eat a frozen Cadbury Mini Egg. Yes, frozen. We were trying to discourage the pillaging of a Costco-sized bag of Mini Eggs by putting them in the freezer and clearly, it backfired.

After this, I started thinking more ways to improve my dental health. My dentist suggested a new nightguard to help with grinding, and to use an electric toothbrush in order to reduce my chances of gum recession. At the same time, I inquired about teeth whitening. The estimate for all of this came in at over the price of a pair of Chanel sandals I’d been lusting over (I know, I know – it should be health before fashion), so I started investigating whether there was a cheaper way to do it all. Read on to learn about what I found…

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